Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cucumber gojju (soutekayi gojju)

Very easy to prepare with less ingredients. Easy to prepare for bachelor's also...try..

1 medium or small cucumber, half cup grated coconut, sesame seed, 2 spoon curd, 1 green chilly, 1 t spoon oil, black gram daal, curry leaves, mustered, salt to taste.

Remove the skin n cut the cucumber in to pieces. Fry the green chilly or burn in flame little. Add to coconut and grind. After coconut grounded finely add cucumber pieces and grind. After grinding add curd. For seasoning put oil, black gram daal, mustered, curry leaves and add it add to gojju after it becomes cool. Serve it with rice......

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mango payasam (Rasayana)

Wow .......I love it. So yummy ...Its mango season.......easy to prepare...tasty to have.....

I know to prepare 2 kinds of mango payasam. One I have learn,t from my amma ( which will be prepared in sirsi ) , and the other one I have learn,t from my ayee (which will be prepared in karwar) So I am going to tell you both...


Sweet mangoes (big)2, 4-5 spoons sugar/ jaggery (or you can mix both),cardamom 2, grated coconut 2-3 spoons, milk quarter cup, a pinch of salt.

Sirsi method of preparing rasayana (Method 1):-

Remove the skin of mangoes. Cut it in to small pieces (like cutting for curry), grind coconut with cardamom (or you can use cardamom powder little), Add jaggary (or you can mix jaggery with sugar, It will naot give that taste if you put only sugar). Add milk, add a pinch of salt.Mix well.
Your rasayana is ready....

Karwar method of preparing rasayana (Method 2):-

Remove the skin and cut the mangoes in to big pieces or slices. Put it in to mixi and add sugar, cardamom, milk, a pinch of salt and grind it. It should be thick. Should not add more milk.
Now its ready to serve....

You can have it with poori, dosa, chapati..or you can just have like payasam or you can keep it in fridge and can have after sometime also.....your choice....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beetroot chutney (gojju)

An easy recipe to have with rice. Try this....


Beetroot pieces- 1 cup, grated coconut- 1 cup, green chilly- 1 (or according to your taste), tamarind -little, salt to taste, coconut oil-1 teaspoon, mustered -little, hing -little, finely chopped onion -2 spoon, white sesame seeds little


Take beetroot pieces and boil it. take green chilly, sesame and fry it in little oil. (if you want you can add Channa daal or black gram daal while frying ) after boiling the beetroot put it in to mixi. Add fried items, coconut, tamarind, salt and grind it. for seasoning put oil in to pan, add mustered, hing and add it to grounded chutney. Add onion Finlay (optional, if u don't like, its not necessary to add). Your chutney is ready. Enjoy with rice.......

Jackfruit Dosa.

It is a special breakfast during jack fruit season. Tasty to eat.......
Dosa rice 1 cup, 5 big pieces of jack fruit, 2-3 spoons of grated coconut, 3 spoons of jaggery, salt to taste.
soak the dosa rice in to water for 3-4 hours. Take jack fruit and grind little. Add rice and grind finely. (don,t add much water. It should be like idli batter. If you add more water, the batter will become sour ) you should make the batter on night only to prepare dosa on next day morning.
Next day morning grind coconut and add to batter. Add jaggery and salt. Make dosa and serve hot with ghee, coconut chutney, chutney powder (depends of your liking)..I like it.......

Friday, May 1, 2009

Methi (Fenugreek) leaves gravy with mixed grains.

This is a side dish which you can use with rice and chapati both. This will be prepared by healthy grains and fenugreek (methi) leaves. Try this...

Fenugreek (methi) leaves 1 bunch (cleaned), mixed grains of your choice, 1 small tomato, 1 onion, sambar masala powder, grated coconut 6-8 spoon, toordaal quarter cup, oil 1-2 spoon, mustard, hing, turmeric, tamarind (very little), sugar half Teaspoon, salt to taste.

grind coconut, little tamarind and sambar masala powder. Boil the toordaal and keep it a side. Keep cooker on gas and put oil. Add mustard seeds, turmeric and hing. Add onion and fry little.
Add Fenugreek (methi) leaves and fry. Add tomato, mixed grains and fry little. Put salt, little sugar and little water. Close the cooker. Off the gas after 1 whistle. open it after some time and add boiled daal and masala (which is ready) boil it for 4-5 minutes. It should not be too thick like curry or it should not be watery like sambar. It should be like gravy. check the salt and taste while boiling. Now you can serve it with rice or chapati. Its left to u....

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tomato with green peas rice

It is a delicious rice. Much ingredients are not needed. you can prepare with normal household things. It will give a rich taste.Add Image

half cup basmati rice, half cup normal rice,1 big tomato, 1 onion, 2 pieces garlic, Small piece of ginger, quarter t spoon garam masala powder. 1 small green chilly or half spoon chilly powder (according to your taste), 1 spoon ghee, 1 spoon oil (or can use ghee only), cashew 15, green peas 50, mustard, jeera, turmeric, salt to taste, little sugar, 3 spoon grated coconut, half cup milk, coriander leaf for garnishing.

Cut onion, tomato in to small pieces. Grind coconut, ginger, garlic, green chilly with milk. put ghee in to cooker. Add cashew nuts and fry. add jeera mustered seeds. Add onion and fry little. Add rice and fry it little. Add tomato, green peas and fry little. Add grounded masala, garam masala powder, 1 & half cup of water, ( because u added half cup milk. water should be double the water) salt, sugar, pinch of turmeric powder and close the cooker. If u didn't put green chilly while grinding now u can add chilly powder before closing. Off the gas after 3 whistle. Open it after cooker becomes cool and garnish it with coriander leaf. Serve it with cucumber raita or tomato raita. (any kind of raita will be suitable) your food is ready....

Palak Chutney (Spinach)

Palak (spinach) chutney is a very tasty side dish to have with rice. Easy to prepare and less time consuming also. Try this....

1 bunch of palak (spinach) leaves (cleaned), 2-3 spoons of grated coconut, lemon or tamarind, (i like to put lemon, because it will give its flavor), 1 green chilly, salt to taste, 1 spoon oil, mustard seeds, 2-3 pieces of garlic.

Boil the palak (spinach) leaves with water for 2-3 min. Put boiled leaves coconut & green chilly in to mixi and grind it. put it in to a vessel add salt and lemon ( lemon should be little more so that it will give a diff taste/or according to your taste) boil it for 2-3 minutes. Take a pan and put mustard seed, garlic and fry it. Add it to palak (spinach) chutney. It is ready to serve now.

Hattan appehuli (Thick mango gojju / chutney)

Check Spelling
when u buy mangoes, if it is sour then u cannot eat it. Instead of throwing it u can prepare a delicious dish from that. U can mix with rice and eat this dish. It will be little sour, sweet, spicy .....ahh tasty.

Ripe mangoes 2, jaggery 2 spoon or depends on your taste, chilly powder 2 spoon (if it is not too spicy or according to your taste), salt, coconut oil, curry leaves, mustard, hing.

Take mango's and remove the skin, mash it nicely (if u cannot mash in hand can grind in mixi)
Add jaggery, chilly powder and salt to mashed pulp. keep a pan on gas and put coconut oil, mustard seeds, hing, curry leaves. Finally add mixed pulp to it and boil it for 2-3 minutes. (if it is too thick you can add little water while boiling) serve it with rice. You can keep it for 2 days (no need of keeping inside the fridge).

Monday, March 23, 2009

Harive soppu (Amaranths leaves red variety) Palya and irulli (Onion) Chutney.

This recipe is also one of the most popular special dish of the Habbu community. I learnt it from ayee.


For palya

Harive soppu (Amaranths leaves red variety) 2 bunches, garlic 5-6 pieces, grated coconut 1o t spoons, red chilly 4-5, rice flour 2 spoon, a little tamarind as mentioned in the pic, salt for taste.


Clean the leaves and put it in to a vessel. Put little water, add tamarind and boil it. At the same time take coconut, garlic, red chilly and grind it with little water. After boiling the leaves add grounded masala. take rice flour and mix it with little water. Finally put the rice flour after putting masala on boiled leaves. Add salt and boil it till it becomes thick. Serve it with onion (eerulli) chutney and rice.

Need to prepare onion (irulli) chutney as mentioned with other recipe kadiyakki anna (Broken rice bath)

Monday, March 16, 2009

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Malaysia boating

Bathucaves (malaysia)

Punggol beach (singapore)

A view from our home at Janmane ( Sirsi)