Monday, March 23, 2009

Harive soppu (Amaranths leaves red variety) Palya and irulli (Onion) Chutney.

This recipe is also one of the most popular special dish of the Habbu community. I learnt it from ayee.


For palya

Harive soppu (Amaranths leaves red variety) 2 bunches, garlic 5-6 pieces, grated coconut 1o t spoons, red chilly 4-5, rice flour 2 spoon, a little tamarind as mentioned in the pic, salt for taste.


Clean the leaves and put it in to a vessel. Put little water, add tamarind and boil it. At the same time take coconut, garlic, red chilly and grind it with little water. After boiling the leaves add grounded masala. take rice flour and mix it with little water. Finally put the rice flour after putting masala on boiled leaves. Add salt and boil it till it becomes thick. Serve it with onion (eerulli) chutney and rice.

Need to prepare onion (irulli) chutney as mentioned with other recipe kadiyakki anna (Broken rice bath)


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