Friday, March 13, 2009

My Ayee's reciepes

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Before i tell about recipe let me tell u some thing about my ayee ( my mother in law). Her name is Mrs Saroja R habbu. She is a house wife. She is very much interested in cooking, bhajana etc. Even today if I tell about some new recipe, she will try that on same day. I have learnt many dishes from her. She know,s to prepare some north Indian, south Indian & some different kinds of vegetarian dishes. she will watch cookery shows in TV and she will try that or from some magazine...She is a very nice cook. Here I am going to show u a different recipe which ayee cooks very well.....

Kadiyakki anna (Broken rice bath) & eerulli (onion) chutney
This is karwar habbu special recipe. Before some years people were using broken rice for this. But now we are using basmati rice and normal rice. Name is still same


for riceCheck Spelling
Ghee 5-6 spoon, cashew 8-10, basmati rice 1 cup, normal rice 1 cup, chilly powder 1 t spoon, salt for taste, jeera, fenugreek seed (methi).
For chutny
Grated coconut 10 spoons, 1 small onion, little tamarind, red chilly. salt for taste.

put ghee in to cooker and make it hot. Put cashew nuts and fenugreek seeds & fry until it become brown. Add 1 spoon jeera. Put rice and fry it for some time and add 4 cups of water to it. add chilly powder and salt for taste. Finaly close the cap. off the gas after 3 whistle.
On the other side put coconut, tamarind, red chilly, onion and salt to mixi. grind it with little water.
Open cooker after 10 min and garnish it with some coriander leaves (optional)
Serve hot with chutney (mix rice with chutney and have)

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